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Hear what our friends have to say:

SO convenient! SO yummy! The food and convenience help this full time mom and wife out every day! So thankful and highly recommend!!

Kim S

I was looking for a change after hitting a plateau with my at-home routines. I wasn’t eating right and my lifting was inconsistent and unmotivated. Thanks to AOK meals and hard work with the trainers, I’ve gained 23lbs of healthy muscle and I’m eating better than I ever have in my life. My energy is through the roof.

Shelton B

The meals from AOK Food and Fitness have helped me maintain a consistent and healthy eating regimen. As a busy working mom of two, their meals have provided me a quick and delicious option for meals that help me achieve my nutritional goals.

Mary Catherine B

Six years ago I decided to make health a priority and I knew to go to Austin. As life gets busy, my time training with the AOK family is vital for my physical, emotional and mental health. Adding AOK meals was a game changer for me. The combination of convenience, quality, and price make AOK meals an easy decision.

Joy B

My son started seeing AOK after his college baseball season. AOK was able to put 25+ pounds on him by the time he went back to college. His training was geared directly towards him being a pitcher, with the focus on strength and flexibility. The prepared meals are incredible too and a great supplement to the training!

Jared G

I consulted with AOK about my daughter, a high school softball player. Since starting, she has loved it since day one. Not only have I seen her performance change dramatically, I’ve seen her confidence level increase like crazy. I couldn’t be more thankful for the staff at AOK for the changes I’ve seen.

Sean D

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